Creating a video advertisement in the lockdown!

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Last month one of our dear friends started her first business of sweet homemade cookies, we helped her create a shopify store fully equipped with the best conversion guidelines all while communicating from our homes. Next task for us was to create a really strong engaging creative ad for prospecting. With limited budgets in hand we planned it to the last minute and prepared a 2 layer facebook ad campaign. We narrowed down our targeting to the most likely to convert audience - YOUTH. And to make our creative really appealing to them we came with the idea of creating a raw selfie-video ad. I put in some extra hours on a saturday night and drafted a cool script for a 60sec ads. Our team contacted some of our friends to be part of the video, we finalized the script and shared with the particiapants, quickly explained the thought and creative visualization with them ensuring all the team is in the same direction. 24hours in and with some post-production hours we came up with this cool ad, not to mention the time we took in selecting the track for this.

Some cool tips to keep in mind creating video ad for your eCommerce business. 1) Avg. enagagement time of an user on social media is decreasing so keep the length of your video short.

2) Strong compelling copy/ story, Content has been and will always be the king. 3) The first 3 secs of your video ad should have a hook that keeps the user engaged.

4) Clear CTA

5) Minimal branding - depending on your business.

6) Keep it raw, real.

7) Good music that resonates with the overall theme.

Retargeting Campaign

With the second fold of the campaign we retargeted uesrs who watched/ engaged with the prospecting video upto to a certain length. We deployed some cool/ mouth-watering ads directed to the store.


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