5 metrics to quickly check your facebook ads performance!

Often you see despite laser focussed targeting and compelling creatives you aren’t getting enough conversions; here are few metrics one should check to find out the possible cause and correct it.

1) Unique Outbound CTR

Facebook CTR(all) metric by default calculates all the clicks on your ads which could be clicks on the username, creative, caption, engagement (like/share), and lastly clicks on the CTA button.

Hence it’s important to track outbound CTR which only includes clicks outside of Facebook. (i.e; to your website).

2) Landing Page Views

Often you’re getting an above-average CTR but not enough landing page views. It's time you check the page loading speed of your landing page.

( P.S: Never send traffic to your homepage)

3) Offer/ Landing Page Match

Say you’re running a 25% off discount ad creative and when a user clicks onto the ad and lands on your product page there’s no mention of the offer, this creates unnecessary confusion for the user.

(Hence it’s best to put the offer details in the top banners of your product pages.)

4) Mostly used device

If most of your ads are served to iPhone users, then it’s best to check out your product pages’ performance on these devices and remove any factors creating unnecessary friction in the buying process.

5) The Checkout Page

At times all your efforts have been ideal but there’s a huge drop-off in the number of checkouts initiated and successful purchases; there could be multiple factors resulting to this:

- Your checkout process is too lengthy (unnecessary form fields like create a new a/c, ship to a different address, etc.)

- Pixel not reporting the purchase event. (always do a live test order)

- Payment gateway not working. (same do a test order)

- Higher shipping fees (this upsets the user)

[Pro tip: Make FB Analytics your best friend].

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