How I got 23.7 M impressions for a National Saree brand with a leading bollywood actress as brand ambassador?

Campaign Timeline : 20 Dec’19 - 20 Mar’20



Julahaa Sarees is a leading name in the textiles industry with around 2 decades of history doing business across many asian countries.
Recently Julahaa joined hands with an ace bollywood actress as their brand ambassador to create mass level brand awareness.
The agency got some creative content shot with apt durations and ratios meant for the different social platforms. 

One video was selected as the major creative to be distributed online.
Client had a few geographical locations as a major focus based on their existing data from offline retailers network.
Alongwith reaching out to women across the country, client also wished to explore business opportunities from potential prospects ( Wholesalers, Retailers in the Saree business, Entrepreneurs in the textile space. )




Choosing the right platform :
With a 15sec video content advertisers have a lot of platforms, placements to explore and experiment. 

I chose 4 platforms specifically Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Hotstar from many others like Gaana, Spotify, Airtel Wynk etc.
Now all these platforms had different purposes to serve and a different cost per result as our audience has a different mindset when they are spending time on Instagram and a whole different mindset when they are watching their favourite show on Hotstar.

With Youtube and Hotstar, I opted for non-skippable ads (the latter has only this option available for video creatives)
With Instagram I opted for a Brand Awareness campaign and a Video views campaign for facebook.

Targeting :
With respect to client’s business goals, I targeted different women personas based on interests, age on facebook and Instagram mainly broadly.
I reached out to B2B prospects on FB targeting FB textile business page admins, small business owners, entrepreneurs, people involved in Import/export in the textiles industry.
Clients' nature of business involved a lot of semi-urban, tier 3 cities, specific regions and markets as target locations.
So I employed youtube ads for more precise targeting in selected locations targeting potential prospects based on specific keywords, digital behavior, life events and interests with a non-skippable ad meant to create higher brand recall value.


Contest Engagement :
During the campaign duration, I came up with an engaging idea for our social media strategy.
We asked to women to drape their saree in their own creative ways and share it with us using #MySareeMyWay (our campaign hashtag) on their stories/feeds on Instagram and Facebook.
The contest received a huge appreciation from women and without wasting much time I promoted the contest posts for post engagement, profile visits to women across the nation on Facebook and Instagram. 
Within a week we received a whopping 193 entries from women all across India putting our campaign forward which achieved a huge organic reach for the brand.   


Monitoring & Optimization :

Fellow advertisers would agree that except a few basic things we never know what might work for the brand.
Hence monitoring the ads closely throughout the campaign’s timeline is very important.
Likewise I experimented with facebook’s and youtube’s various available campaign objectives, placements and ad formats for a short period of time to figure out which channel brings out the most ROI (which for us here was video views and brand recall value)

After some perseverance I was able to achieve a 3-sec video view for as low as 0.04 INR or 0.00053 USD for the brand on facebook and 0.06 INR or 0.00079 USD on Instagram.



Outcome :


Well the fruits of patience and practise were indeed sweet :)
The brand achieved a whopping 23,769,661 M impressions reaching out to 7,608,303 M unique people and accounting 1,920,155 M post engagements.
The video got a humongous a total of 2 M+ views on Facebook and Instagram.

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